Best Building Games on PC

Sim City, 1989 introduced an entirely different sub-genre of simulation games: City Building—being a manager of a city or town, following your personal preferences in the design and growth of your city. Building games with no age barriers has always been engaging and keeps you stuck on the computer. Now that it 2000’s we are living, here are some new best building games for PC to control the architect in you alive, within reach of your PC:


Blocky and famous is a sandbox building game with a legacy in the gaming world. It is suitable from an architectural point of view, but it has much more for the player to explore in the game. It’s a multiplayer online game, which means you can play along with your online friends and invite them to be part of your building goals in the game.

Cities: Skylines

2.Cities: Skylines

It’s a versatile game and defined the building stimulation game with its graphics with providing many creative possibilities of city building in the game. You will never get tired of it, as the real city-type vibes and game creation keep one interest in the game for a long time.


With a strong story narration, there is no other game like frost punk in its genre as it adds the element of survival to building the game. Placed in an alternate – history, which is the late 19th century, the game offers players various scenarios and challenges to undertake. Also, the little details included in the game world make it a delight to play.

4.Anno 1800

Released on April 16, 2019. It is about building cities across multiple islands in the year 1800. Being a city-building real-time strategy video game features the architecture of the Victorian Era giving an edge to the game. You can choose your quests and mini-games within the game world. It has detailed graphics worth pulling gamers’ interest in the game.



This is a very recent game, launched in 2020. On the sandbox games side, it’s a straightforward and addicting game. The goal for the players is to build an island town by placing and removing colored blocks on an ocean, with its popping sound effects and pleasant colored building blocks. Players are free to muddle around and destroy their creations as they wish.

6.Aven Colony

The game creates many adventurous challenges for players to make a bustling colonial settlement on a foreign planet. Developed by mothership entertainment, the game can be paused and slowed down at the player’s convenience. The detailed menus in the game provide all the details related to the colony like citizens, commute, electricity. It has two modes: Campaign mode with missions and the other is sandbox mode with no specific objective.

Now build the tower and create your own city.