It’s now been two weeks since we launched the game on Steam Early Access and so much has changed in such a short period of time. Visually the game looks the same but in the background lots of things have been happening.

One of the first things we decided to update after seeing people play the game was work allocation. Having all of the Kin work together toward a common goal was good in theory but it created distance between the player and the Kin. The game now begins with a work allocation matrix that allows you to activate skills and automatically assigns the correct tool to each Kin.

We put out a new unstable build earlier in the week to our awesome testers on the unstable branch and got some great feedback that we’ve been using to update the matrix. The text is still a work in progress but the functionality will remain the same as what you see below.


We’ve also activated the player based building but with the current limited controls for construction we’re really looking forward to getting in there and making this feature a lot more user friendly.

The global inventory is now in place and is only missing the UI so you can view exactly what you have collected. We also want to give the player options to destroy items they no longer want and recycle things to get back a portion of the materials to re-use.

While we’re focused on making the game more stable as a priority adding content has been put on hold. While Matt has been solely focused on cleaning up the bugs I have been working on new content to add to the game when the time comes.

Some of the things we are planning are:

  • A wood planer/sawmill for mass production of weatherboard and timber panels (will produce wooden items at a faster rate than the current crafting bench).
  • More recipes. We want there to be more options to cook for each crop you grow in the game.
  • Scenic animals eg, fireflies (the XNA version of the game had fireflies and birds and we’re looking forward to adding them back into the game).