Release Week Update:

Over 40 Improvements and Bug Fixes!

March 3, 2016/Game Development

A big thank you to everyone who purchased the game on Steam last week and joined us on our development journey. All of your feedback, reviews and support has been amazing!


With all of your help we’ve made over 4o improvements and bug fixes since release last week! Our main focus has been improving the AI so that our little workers will continue working, eating and sleeping the way that they are meant to. Increasing our player base from a handful of testers to hundreds of players pushed the AI to its limits but has helped us identify some weaknesses that we’re working hard to fix. We’re still making adjustments and improvements and your feedback has been fantastic in helping us refine this.

Our philosophy to this point has been to RELEASE EARLY, RELEASE OFTEN but we understand that not everyone enjoys daily game updates so we’ll be organising a pre-release testing group soon to test updates prior to general release.


One of the things we were looking forward to with an early access release was feedback from players and so far we’ve received some fantastic ideas and suggestion for what people would like to see in the game and how they would prefer to play. As a result we have slightly adjusted our development schedule to incorporate some of these great ideas.

Overall the feedback we are hearing says that you want – more automation, more control and less clicking through menus. We agree!


In no particular order, our aims for March are:

  • An automated farming system. Allocate an area for crops/orchards to grow and the Kin to care for them and automatically harvest and re-plant when they’re grown.
  • Add the ability to assign work to individual Kin, adjust their actions to give them professions (eg, assign someone as a farmer, cook, builder, etc based on their skills)
  • Continue to improve the Kin’s AI
  • Improve the crafting process
  • Add new recipes and crafting machines
  • Add scenic creatures (eg, fireflies)
  • Continue to work on eradicating bugs as they are reported

At the moment we are looking at introducing a staggered release throughout each month with at least one big update per month after each new feature has been tested.


Our long term roadmap can be found on our website or the Steam store page but our short term roadmap includes:

  • Ability to reproduce to increase the population
  • Modern tool upgrades for experienced craftsmen including chainsaws, jackhammers, and nail guns.
  • Completely overhaul the current building system

Medium term goals:

  • Multiplayer