Quick Reference Guide: Minerals and Ore

February 24, 2016/Uncategorized



Identifying Resources

There are lots of different types of minerals and ore to collect and discover in The Kindred. Identifying all of the different resources on sight can be difficult when you’re first starting out but the image above gives you an idea of what each item looks like. You will also have help in the game with the block identifier that shows in the bottom right hand side of the screen. Simply place your cursor over the item to see the name update.

Finding Resources

A lot of deposits will be visible above soil level to give you a sneak peek at what may be lurking beneath the surface of the earth. Other deposits will be completely hidden by grass and you will need to dig to find them. You will need to decide what your strategy is to effectively retrieve what you need.

Each resource gives you access to craft more items. There are recipes in the game for some of these at the moment and others will follow as we add more content to the game.

At the moment the most useful items to collect are iron ore, copper ore and stone (not pictured).