How to Play: Crafting

February 23, 2016/Gameplay

Machinery and crafting are a big part of setting up your village for survival in The Kindred.

The crafting system is based around a series of machines you use to manipulate the natural resources found in the world.

The base of all crafting is the orange crafting bench you receive at the start of the game. The crafting bench gives you the ability to create basic items (list shown on the left). In order to start making more complex items you will need to make a smelting furnace to create steel. The crafting bench and smelting furnace form the basis of the Tier 1 crafting machines in the game.

There are a limited number of items you can craft at the moment but we will be continually adding more throughout development.



Second tier crafting machinery allows you to make specialised items.

As the name suggests, the metalworking bench lets you craft with metal. Most notably all of the steel you will have stockpiled from your smelting furnace. Batteries, electrical cables, wind turbines – all of the basics of electricity production are started here.

At the moment the kiln can only be used to create bricks but there will be more items added down the track.

The concrete mixer will be used for its obvious purpose. It can currently be built but the crafting recipes are yet to be implemented.

To place any of these machines in the game you simply click on the crafting button in the main task bar and left click to select the item you want to build on the task bar, then left click the point in the world you would like to place it.


The Kin will then gather the item from the crate, walk over to the building destination and build it for you.

To craft items you will need to left click the machine, select the recipe from the list in the task bar and hit the craft button.

You can see the items in your crafting queue by selecting the QUEUE button. From this menu you can re-order your crafting items or delete them if you change your mind.