Global Inventory and Farming Updates

March 17, 2016/Uncategorized

Hi Everyone,

Alpha 2 is now out on the Steam stable branch.

Thank you so much to everyone testing the unstable branch for all of your help and feedback!

This week we started work on adding in the UI for our new global inventory system and designing the new farming system for crops, orchards and trees.

Below is a screenshot of the new global inventory screen in action. You can now view all of your resources in storage across the entire world. You have the option to filter by category, search for an item or scroll through the entire list.

In the future we will be adding the ability to click on the items for detailed information cards and you will also be able to pin/save items to the main screen if you choose, eg to keep an eye on how much wood you have in stock, etc.


The new farming system is now in progress. The process has been designed, the template for the UI has been created and we hope to have a draft up on the unstable build for testing by the end of the week.

The new system will solve a lot of issues we were experiencing with seeds being difficult to place and players needing to micro manage their harvest.


Above is a mock up of the new interface. The new system allows you to set out farming zones rather than planting individual seeds. You will select an area and then choose a crop to plant and a farmer to seed and harvest the plot. You will also be able to see detailed crop information such as yield, whether the crop is edible (for example cotton vs corn) and for edible crops you will be able to see available recipes to cook.

To give you an idea of where we’re heading with all of these changes, we’re starting to put in place the beginnings of Kin ownership of work and certain types of production so that once you are able to increase your population the Kin will be tied to their jobs. For example you may have old man Johnson growing oak trees and his wife Esme logging the managed forest while Claire Higgins runs the sawmill down the road and turns the raw wood into planks for building. Of course you will always be able to change their jobs but we want to start the process of making the Kin unique in their abilities rather than interchangeable.

So far we’ve been making great progress on our goals for March and are continuing full steam ahead. For those of you that don’t know we’re expecting the birth of our first baby in the next week or two! We have plans in place for updates over the next few weeks and while things may slow down slightly it won’t impact our overall goals.