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How to Play: Getting Started

February 19, 2016/Gameplay/0 Comments

The Kindred is a creative sandbox game set in a voxel world. There is no…

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voxel village game

Steam Early Access Release - Feb 24

February 16, 2016/Game Development/1 Comment

It’s been a long time between updates but we’re excited to announce that we will…

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Breeding sheep, work queues and cooking

August 13, 2015/Animals/0 Comments

Most of the old XNA code base has now been moved over to Unity which…

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voxel building city design

Building tools and crafting machines

July 16, 2015/Building/2 Comments

Hi Everyone, This week I’ve been working on testing the new building system and seeing…

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Porting from XNA to Unity – Part 2

July 2, 2015/Game Development/0 Comments

Work continues on porting The Kindred to Unity and at this point approx 90% of…

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voxel city building game wind turbines
Voxel city building game chickens farming

Porting from XNA to Unity

June 25, 2015/Game Development/0 Comments

Hey everyone, Five weeks ago we bit the bullet and started porting the game from…

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