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Starvation and Death

January 29, 2015/Game Development/0 Comments

It’s been such a long time since we last posted an update. We’ve been steadily…

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Weekly Update: Sleeping

October 10, 2014/Game Development/0 Comments

Fatigue and sleeping were on the To Do list this week and the Kin are…

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Coming of Age

November 28, 2013/The Kin/0 Comments

Now that we have most of the basic mechanics of the game in place we’ve…

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Baby Boom!

August 15, 2013/The Kin/0 Comments

There’s been a baby boom in The Kindred this week with work starting on the…

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Meet the Kin

August 1, 2013/The Kin/0 Comments

Matt has been hard at work this week creating animations for the Kin. So far…

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Who are The Kindred?

July 10, 2013/The Kin/0 Comments

You may be wondering where do the Kindred come from? The Kin come from a…

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