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Breeding sheep, work queues and cooking

August 13, 2015/Animals/0 Comments

Most of the old XNA code base has now been moved over to Unity which…

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voxel chicken duck coop city building game

Animal Herding and Poultry Coops

May 22, 2015/Animals/0 Comments

Just a quick update this week, let’s just say that medication induced side effects are…

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Crop Farming

May 7, 2015/Farming/0 Comments

This week was all about crop farming. All of the old vegetable models have been…

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voxel game farming crops kindred
voxel oak tree growing

Weekly Update: Plant Life

February 6, 2015/Farming/0 Comments

This week we’ve been fleshing out the crafting system and laying the groundwork for brewing…

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Weekly Update: Bugfixing and Orchards

July 31, 2014/Farming/0 Comments

Bugfixing is finally complete after the addition of all of the infinite terrain code. Matt…

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Farming Update: Tractors + UI Preview

November 7, 2013/Farming/4 Comments

Continuing with the theme of tool upgrades this week – the upgrade for farming is…

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