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Building tools and crafting machines

July 16, 2015/Building/2 Comments

Hi Everyone, This week I’ve been working on testing the new building system and seeing…

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voxel building city design
voxel game workshop tablesaw kiln sewing

Weekly Update: Crafting and Machinery

March 6, 2015/Building/0 Comments

The crafting system is now almost complete. The new UI is falling into place and…

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Weekly Update: Crafting

February 12, 2015/Building/0 Comments

There’s nothing better than slowly seeing the game come to life with each new model…

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voxel game industrial sewing
voxel game farm

Weekly Update: Building and UI updates

November 20, 2014/Building/0 Comments

It’s been almost a month since our last update and we’ve been spending the time…

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Weekly Update: Building and Biomes

October 23, 2014/Building/2 Comments

While Matt has been working hard on modifying the final UI components and adding sound…

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Weekly Update: Building and Fog of War

October 3, 2014/Building/0 Comments

The new building system is now finished and feels really nice to use. Planning out…

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